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My artwork of DeviantArt!


Character Torment Meme by xSweetSlayerx

I can't believe this. This artwork seems to be good! At the end, Lucky Star comes up. I wish I can do that too. I loved when Princess S...

These are my Critiques. Those are for rewards and more.


I love these art! Favorites go here.


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Ashley or Nancy

🌟Hello! I'm Ashley! Welcome to my page, just in time for RANDOM! I'm a CRAZY PlayStation Gamer!🌟

♏My Zodiac is a Scorpio!♏

🎶My Friends!:🎶

💜:iconlbpheromonster5::iconvelvent::iconcindydoll14::iconpeaceplayer1124::iconpink-ninja: And so on...💜

💕My Crushes were Avalon Centrifuge, Colin the Computer and PaRappa the Rapper!💕

PSN Name: russellscott8 (I wish it's different. 😡)


Hi. Nancy K. Centrifuge again. I like to tell you that Ashley, or Miss Chibi, gets back into the Crash Bandicoot fandom. She is trying to complete Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, but she fails mostly. Ashley is now at Area 4 (Or, the mines, spoiler alert.). I also like to tell you that we are getting our old computer again, and that's nice. It's all because of the update!

                                         -Nancy C.
PS: It's close to bedtime to us, so...yeah.
School's starting tomorrow, and I can't wait! Sorry for being a little inactive. I just got a new computer because my old one is SO laggy....Sheesh.
Should I make some fan art of object shows?
My lifis now greatI...lovmyself! :D
I can'take my life anymore...I hate my parents...I hate my life...I hate myself....*Cry*
Why not watch potaitlyn? Her artwork is pretty cute! We're almost in the same fandoms!
I enjoyed Battle for Dream Island! It's so funny! XD
Hi. This is Nancy K. Centrifuge. I just want to tell you that Ashley is starting school in August 24th. Thank you.

                                                       -Nancy C.
I'm SO addicted to Inanimate Insanity and The Little Brave Toaster! *Fangirl*
Someone from Taiwan tried to hack my Facebook account! How rude! >: -(
I was playing Tamer Saga and I named my persona "PrincessNancy", right after my character Nancy! XD
I have updated my art style! I'll draw what it looked like! 🎵
I got 50 llamas! Thanks for your support! 🎶
💖I'm starting to love objects! Weird, right?
Just 2 more llamas left until 50 llamas!
I'm abouto hit 30 watchers! YAY:D
This was a meme from :iconxx-leafstiel22-xx:. Maybe stolen from :iconamyrose-sonic:.



[x] You’re generally very happy

[ ] You tend to be very clingy, especially when it comes to your best friend

[ ] You’re considered idiotic

[ ] You believe in Santa Claus

[x] Your friend or best friend was once your enemy

Total: 2



[ ] Though sworn to secrecy, you’ve “accidentally” told someone’s secret

[ ] People see you as untrustworthy

[x] You’ve betrayed a friend for your own needs

[ ] You’re considered manipulative and sneaky

[ ] You’ve been all of the above, but you’ve changed yourself to be a better person

Total: 1



[x] You’re a pretty basic person

[ ] You play baseball, softball, cricket, etc. (basically sports in general)

[ ] You and your best friend instantly clicked when you first met

[ ] You’re typically “that one guy/girl” at school

[ ] You’re sensitive about your weight  

Total: 1



[ ] You have a speech impediment

[ ] You’ve betrayed someone for your own needs

[x] You like to make odd sounds and strange faces

[ ] You’re best friend’s admirer is jealous of your friendship

[x] You can be rude at times

Total: 2



[ ] You use social media frequently

[ ] Tails and chairs are awesome

[x] You're very enthusiastic about things

[ ] You're quite short

[x] Your vocabulary is composed of “like” and “OMG”

Total: 2



[x] You tend to be quiet

[ ] No one really knows much about you

[ ] Hardly anyone knows you exist

[x] You’re very antisocial

[ ] You ignore others who try to make friends with you

Total: 2



[x] You LOVE cracking jokes

[x] Your jokes tend to be awful 

[ ] You love using the term “knee-slapper”, and you actually do it

[ ]  You’re very sensitive about what other people have to say about your humor

[ ] You sometimes annoy people with your jokes and puns

Total: 2



[ ] You have a twin brother/sister

[ ] Sometimes you go too far with pranks, and can be quite vengeful

[x] You get annoyed easily

[x] You’re very childish

[x] You're into arts and crafts, especially making masks, and  paper mâché 

Total: 3



[ ] You have a step-brother/sister

[ ] You prefer many-story houses to one-story.

[ ] You like rhyming

[x] You’re often in the shadow of your sibling(s)

[ ] You’re sibling(s) barely know you exist

Total: 1



[ ] You know every piece of trivia about your favorite TV shows, and people

[ ] You can seem quite creepy by stalking people

[x] You have your own blog

[ ] You love to gossip and know every detail about what's going on

[x] You own your own laptop

Total: 2



[x] You’ve bullied or still bully someone

[x] You’re very lazy

[ ] You’re portrayed as the jerk

[ ] You have a soft side that you rarely show

[ ] You’ve been blackmailed before

Total: 2



[x] You’re very goofy and wacky

[ ] You’re the comic reliever in your group of friends

[x] You love rapping, rap music, etc.

[ ] When given power, you tend to abuse it

[ ] You love strange foods that no one else really likes

Total: 2



[x] You aren’t very athletic

[x] You are mistreated constantly despite doing nothing wrong

[x] You’re very sweet and caring

[ ] You’ll risk crushing your friends dreams in order to make them happy

[x] You often feel remorseful for things you’ve done wrong

Total: 3



[x] You're quite outgoing and friendly 

[x] You tend to be very loud

[ ] You often irritate and drive away people with your loudness

[x] You try very hard to impress everyone

[x] Your actions are more hurtful than helpful

Total: 4



[x] You are VERY sarcastic and cynical

[ ] You are quite narcissistic at times 

[ ] You look for the worst in people

[ ] You and your best friend are very close

[ ] You like succeeding at challenges 

Total: 1



[x] You’re, for the most part, casual, but sometimes you over react at little things

[ ] You’re aquaphobic, or you dislike chocolate.

[ ] You tend to ride on other people’s coattails

[x] You've been backstabbed by friends before

[ ] You’re the sane one in your group of friends 

Total: 2



[x] You usually act like a tomboy

[ ] You think you're a natural leader

[ ] You have a unisex haircut

[x] You’re best friend can sometimes irritate you A LOT

[ ] You’re the tallest of all your friends

Total: 2



[ ] You’re very innocent, but naïve

[x] Your innocence has been corrupted in some way, shape,  or form

[/] You’re the sidekick of your best friend

[ ] You can be oblivious to your friend’s problems

[ ] Sometimes, you’ll just snap at someone randomly

Total: 1.5



[ ] You and your best friend are basically twins

[x] You’ll do anything to protect your best friend

[x] You aren’t very superstitious

[ ] You tend to get angry at your best friend’s boyfriend/crush for stealing your best friend’s attention

[x] You’re an overall ditz and valley girl

Total: 2



[ ] You’re VERY melodramatic

[x] You try your best, but you don’t usually win

[ ] You don’t have much common sense

[x] You’re not a very forgiving person

[ ] You make plenty of pirate references

Total: 2



[ ] You and your best friend are like sisters

[x] Sometimes you care more about yourself than your closest friends

[ ] You’re very superstitious

[ ] You often have to divide your time between your best friend and your boyfriend

[ ] You’re a huge romantic

Total: 1



[ ] You have some form of OCD

[ ] Everything must be clean and spotless

[ ] You are a germaphobe

[ ] You’re sweet and down-to-earth (for the most part)

[ ] Disinfectant cures everything

Total: 0



[x] You are a notorious doormat

[x] You’re incredibly sweet to everyone

[ ] You can get easily frightened

[ ] Sometimes, you miscomprehend instructions

[x] Your innocence is completely uncorruptable

Total: 3



[x] Your looks can be deceiving

[ ] You’d be a good hustler at pool

[x] You act dumb, but really, you’re smart

[ ] You’ve pretended to be someone’s friend to fill your personal needs

[/] You love citrus

Total: 2.5


Test Tube:

[x] You love love LOVE science

[x] You’re the biggest nerd in the grade 

[x] You spew out random scientific facts spontaneously

[x] You want to pursue a job in the sciences when you grow up

[x] You can go partially-insane under stress

Total: 5



[ ] You tend to miss school due to illness

[ ] Your germs drive people off sometimes

[/] You’ve got a skinny, feeble stature

[ ] People don’t really get to know you much

[ ] You’re sluggish and unenthusiastic

Total: 0.5



[ ] You’re very athletic

[ ] You’re considered a jock at school

[ ] You’ve played and lettered in a varsity sport

[ ] You can be cocky and arrogant of your athletic ability

[ ] You place yourself higher above nerds and geeks

Total: 0



[x] You have some form of bipolar disorder

[x] You have the angel and the demon on your shoulders telling you what to do

[ ] You sometimes have psychological battles with yourself

[x] You have a rough time making up your mind

[ ] People are unsure of you being a stable friend

Total: 3



[x] You’re very shrewd, though kind in apperance

[ ] You love to bake

[ ] Your baked goods often taste horrible

[/] You have an eating disorder, most similarly to bingeing

[ ] You can be abusive to those who admire you

Total: 1.5



[x] You hold someone in very high regard, especially someone older

[x] You can be very clingy and loud

[x] You can be childish and immature, not excluding a workplace environment

[ ] You get jealous when the person you admire compliments someone else

[ ] No matter how many times you’re abused, you’ll always be loyal to that one person

Total: 3



[/] You are very professional and mature

[ ] You commonly brush off insults dished to you

[x] You’re sometimes not even aware at how much someone hates you

[ ] You love analyzing small details so much, you miss the larger matter at hand

[ ] You often look down on unprofessional behavior

Total: 1.5

Well, after this quiz, I ended up like Test Tube! 
  • Playing: PlayStation3

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