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About Deviant Artist Ashley, Nancy, Abby or Felicia!Female/Unknown Group :iconoc-fan-party: OC-Fan-Party
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My artwork of DeviantArt!


Character Torment Meme by xSweetSlayerx

I can't believe this. This artwork seems to be good! At the end, Lucky Star comes up. I wish I can do that too. I loved when Princess S...

These are my Critiques. Those are for rewards and more.


I love these art! Favorites go here.


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Check out :iconkururinkyuu:'s raffle! The art's WAY too cute!  200+ WATCHERS RAFFLE ( ENDS ON 1ST JANUARY 2017)I have already so lot to do but why not doing a raffle~
THANKS SO MUCH  FOR 200+ WATCHERS AAAAA Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
I kinda feel so bad because I already wanted to do a raffle when I hit my 100 watchers!
But now it's so amazing that i got 200+ watchers aa
<33333 Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
You need to be a watcher ! ( New watchers always welcome but don't unwatch me if the raffle ends because that would be kinda mean, you know? ;w; 
Favorite this journal! ( I'll announce the winner through the favorites number I guess, it depends on how many will join orz 
Make a poll or journal about this raffle and so on!
Comment below if you're done! Also show me your oc reference <33 
But what I can't draw
- Furrys, anthro, ponies, mecha and I also won't humanize them ;w;
- Manly mens ( t
  • Playing: 24/7!


When I listen to the song "Where You Wanna Go" by Material Music (you can listen to this song at this link!), I was SO ADDICTED to that song! That song is Kawaii and fits the cute theme! :D
Guys, be hyped up because Inanimate Insanity II 11 is going to be in 2 PARTS! Part 1 is going to be release this month, while part 2 is going to be released next month (or next year. xD)! Thanks to :iconxx-sugarthecube-xx:!
When I listen to "Work It Fix It" on Shuttershock, the chipmunk voice sounds like either Paintbrush or Test Tube from Inanimate Insanity 2!
So far, I made Needle and Firey as figures. At Saturday, I'll have GB as a figure! :D I'll possibly have Bubble, Coiny, Flower, Rocky and Leafy as figures! :D
To be more...kawaii. My text will now be smaller. :meow:
I'm going to create BFDI/II figures from Sunny Kidz, starting with N̶e̶e̶d̶y̶ Needle!
I'm not sure about this but...this is bad news for Barney haters. There is a revival series coming on in 2017!
I'm so hyped up on a surprise for Inanimate Insanity fans! YAY! :D
Suffering from an headache again...what's going on with my BRAIN!? It just got upset...maybe it's because of something that's in my brain? I've guess...
The snow is melting here. Aww...:<
Time for me to meet you guys to my OC: Tina Manian!
It's snowing in Des Moines right now! This is just amazingly impressive!
Who're your favorite Character Curators from both LittleBigPlanet2 and LittleBigPlanet3?
Instead of a BFDI Short, we have a 15 minute video of Firey screaming, right at :iconfernozzle:'s channel!
Tomorrow, a BFDI short is released! I'm so hyped up! I wonder what should I do with 25 days of Christmas? Maybe a Drawing? Maybe Objects? We'll find out! :D
No IDFB 2? Why would Cary and Michael Huang be on hiatus? Well, don't worry. At least II 11 and BOTO 13 are going to be released soon!
Hey there! This is Felicia Bluemoon! I can't believe that Ashley is so close to 2,000 comments! WOOHOO! :D
Sorry, that's my excitement. I'd got sugar rush from all kinds of sugar (or candy, if I like them.). I wonder if Ashley can watch "The Secret Life Of Pets"? It's one of my favorite movies (Besides Zootopia, Finding Dory and The Angry Birds Movie!) Just a thought.

                                                          -Felicia Bluemoon.
Good News: I'm starting to love Smosh! Strangely enough, one of the male Smosh members sounded kinda like Trophy from Inanimate Insanity 2.

Bad News: I'm going to have school again. Please don't cry over me, I'll be okay!
When you realize your internet is slow and you got angry at it because it's very slow and it might be because of maintenance? This is what happened to me, guys.
I have a question for you guys: Should I make a club for people who has depression? Like the Chain-of-Happiness club, but with people who has depression? I just wanted to help people who has depression!


Meikofan's Profile Picture
Ashley, Nancy, Abby or Felicia!
Hello, friends! I'm Ashley, or you can call me Nancy if you like, and welcome to my page! I'm a very talented artist and draws cute stuff! I'm a fan of Object Shows myself, but I'm not a big fan of things like Steven Universe, Undertale, Spongebob Squarepants, Super Mario Bros. and Minecraft. I like little things myself. I sometimes use Kisekae when I'm bored. For example: Nancy doing a Fan Dance.

I like:
-Video Games
-Object Shows (Mainly Inanimate Insanity (ll), Battle for Dream Island (Again) and Object Overload.)
-Cute stuff
-Sugar (mainly candy)
-Nice Users
-My mascot, Nancy
-Firey (BFDI) (With a burning passion!)
-Kisekae (Used it when I'm lazy...)
-Animation! (WOOT! I'm starting to do it!)
-My OCs Abby and Felicia. (I also love yeah.)

I hate:
-Baby Shows
-Bad Users
-MLG Memes
-Dora the Explorer (With a burning passion)

My Friends:
:iconxx-sugarthecube-xx::iconmochimallowcream::iconbeansthecat: and there are more people that I like.

If you harm them, bad things will happen!

Here is my back-up account --->:iconnancythechibi:

My Inspirations:

:dalogo: Merry Christmas! :santa:

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